Anders Fager & Yukiko Duke – a conversation on horror

Yukiko DukeAnders Fager
20 maj, 18:00 - 19:00
Södermannagatan 22, 116 23 Stockholm, Sweden

When they were kids Yukiko Duke and Anders Fager were almost neighbours. Without ever running into each other. In the early 70s they both searched for the feared Mummy of Sätra. Without ever running into each other. In the late 70s they were both punk rockers in the same bleak corner of Stockholm’s suburbia. Without ever running to each other. And so time passed. Until they ran into each other at a rather prestigious award ceremony. The August prize gala.

Come and listen to Anders Fager and Yukiko Duke discussing their dark past. You will hear the truth about that mummy, about genre literature in Sweden and how ­Anders Fager’s ­graphic novel ”The Crows” is doing in the USA.

And Yukiko will explain to Anders why he never will become ­a national treasure…