Folklorn – Myth, migration and family

Angela Mi Young Hur
19 maj, 17:15 - 18:00
Västerlånggatan 48, Stockholm, Sverige
Gamla stan

Kort samtal och signering med Angela Mi Young Hur, författare till FOLKLORN, en inre och yttre resa via Antarktis, Californien och Stockholmsmiljöer i förvandling. Magisk realism där koreansk mytologi möter tunga familjearv och migrationens många ansikten. Samtalet sker på engelska. FOLKLORN is about Dr. Elsa Park, a physicist working at Stockholm University, the American daughter of Korean immigrants, who has herself become an “invandrare” in Sweden. To escape the chaos of her childhood memories, she immerses herself in science and order until her mother’s death resurrects ghosts from the past. One of those is her childhood’s imaginary friend, who has haunted her from an Antarctic South Pole research station to northerly Sweden. Elsa must face that she is either succumbing to hereditary mental illness or that her mother’s claim is true: the women in their line are descended from Korean folklore, doomed to live the fates of their mythic ancestors.